Food Label

As a leading food label manufacturer, realize the importance of maintaining quality and uniqueness in the labels that we offer. We understand that our labels not only influence the sales of the products because of the attractiveness of the label but also help in conveying salient features of the product to the buyers, which in turn serves as a major selling feature. Being the best food label manufacturer, we understand that we would have to face a high and diverse demand from the users of our product. We have developed a wide range of labels in PE, PP and PET. These food labels are developed in such a way that the label as well as the adhesive is able to withstand many different conditions and endure varying lengths of shelf life from a few hours to a several months. We also make sure that our practices are updated regularly, we have developed various methods in printing ranging from squeezable labels, textured, metallic, transparent, laminated and labels on foil because diversity is our key towards a perfect service.