Food & Beverage

We are one of the leading supplier of labels for food & baverage industries in this market. We are known for our innovating ideas and we provide an extensive range of creative and attractive ideas required for the products in the highly price sensitive market in this segment. We have been able to meet the demands of our customer through our innovation and creativity striking a balance between cost sensitivity and the ideas.

We take into consideration the best combination of label material for your product, your product’s future storing and handling conditions and other important information, to come up with a label solution that you will be happy with.

Home & Personal

We as a high quality label manufacturing company help enhance your product’s appeal by giving your product labels an appearance that reflects your brand’s superior image and quality. Matrix Pack is capable of doing foiling with reverse side printing, printing on adhesive side, special effect varnish & coatings, metallic colors everything in in-line process. Shrink sleeves can also work well with these products and have the added advantage of giving more space for product information. In addition, sleeves perform well on just about any shape of bottle or container. All label manufacturing processes are carried out in a clean, hygienic, centrally air conditioned environment which ensures superior cosmetic and healthcare labels quality

Lubricant Oil & Chemical

With our label printing techniques and experience we can suggest the exact combination of face stock and adhesive so that Lubricant label can resist the harshest of conditions. We ensure that our Lubricant labels can withstand wear and tear in various environmental conditions and will last for a very long time


The pharmaceutical industry has a unique set of requirements for any product labels that they use. These specifications don’t necessarily pertain to the label substrate or adhesive material properties, but rather to the manufacturing methods and advanced quality assurance process.

Cargo & Logistics

We offer labels for logistic unit labeling, blank labels, box labels, logistics labels, preprinted labels, overprint labels, warning labels for package handling, packaging labels, etc.

The combination of substrates and adhesives must be selected according to climatic conditions in which packaging and storage takes place, as well as according to the surface and transportation conditions. Of course, the required visual persistence of data is also important.

Logistics and packaging labels are expected to be as cost-efficient as possible, which is why it is very important to carefully consider all of the above factors in order to optimize the quality/price ratio. In this field, we closely collaborate with labeling machine manufacturers, in order to help our clients find the optimal solutions.